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“Burger Bar – Mixology – Table Games”

La Belle & La Boeuf was born to honor all the mothers of the world. With the belief that a woman is the power of humanity; she is strong, she is fierce, she is determined, she is a mother, she is La Boeuf. A leader in the world of burgers, La Belle & La Boeuf offers an incomparable choice of gourmet burgers with premium ingredients. The ambiance inspired by the Peace Revolution, will keep you comfortable and happy. The consumer is meant to thrive in an atmosphere where freedom is anarchy.

A Rebel Concept

The concept was the first of its kind, breaking away from traditional eateries, with its bold avant-garde decor, and custom mixed music playlists. An anarchist concept inspired by alternative rock and an ambiance that uncovers a sense of nostalgia–making it one the first restaurants in Canada to incorporate the fusion of great food, mixology and table games.

Trendsetters of the industry, our experience is unique. You do not just come to eat and drink; you live the complete La Belle & La Bœuf experience. From impeccable food, variety of drinks, table games; to catching a sports game or event, or simply grooving to our custom playlists, experience excitement.

Freedom is Anarchy!

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“We Are Fresh”

Quality and freshness are at the heart of Souvlaki Bar. Greek cuisine has grown in popularity thanks to its health-conscious dishes that never compromise flavour. There’s a profound sense of pride in offering delicious, authentic Greek cuisine in such a welcoming space, at an affordable price.

Our concept offers the very best Greek products, from our imported liquors to our speciality Greek desserts. The concept appeals to everyone, the perfect lunch meeting destination, whether for business or a quick bite with friends. It’s a great spot for a casual meal with the family, or for date night! Souvlaki Bar invites customers to come experience a variety of Greek wines, and cocktails created by our mixologists. The lively music and friendly bar team make it a great spot to live the best of what Greece has to offer right in your city.

Souvlaki Bar Express is a QSR (quick service restaurant), based on our full service concept, striving to bring freshness and healthy options to a food court environment.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze it on your souvlaki!

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“Authentic Italian”

Family is at the heart of the Italian culture. Sharing in good food prepared by Non and raising a glass with homemade wines from Nonno’s cellar are cherished memories for our Italian chefs. In honour of their family, our chefs have created a concept based on simplicity, authenticity, and integrity; with family recipes passed down through generations.

Enoteca Monza offers both traditional and contemporary Italian dishes, with a vast wine menu for the perfect pairing, in a trendy, classy wine bar atmosphere. The flames of the pizza oven are a design focal point in our modern dining room creating a warm, chic ambiance.

Enoteca, Italian for wine bar, Monza’s emphasis for quality reaches beyond the cuisine. Our glass encased wine cellar showcases our wine with sophistication. Dare to explore the various notes and flavours of wine from different regions of Italy. The ideal destination for a 5à7 with colleagues, or a romantic date night; our bar menu designed for sharing, is a great way to indulge in the Monza experience.

Simplicity, authenticity, and integrity!

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“For the Love of Beer”

Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery teamed up with brew master Lon Ladell to create a microbrewery concept that sets a benchmark in the Canadian class of beer.  Our name pays tribute to Chris Phillips, former Senators defenceman. Our beer leaves a lasting impression as impactful as a check into the boards by The Rig himself.  The Big Rig brand has been turning heads in both the restaurant and beer markets. Our forward momentum attitude for growth and recognition across Canada is why we guarantee you will love our beer!

Good Beer. Good Friends. Good Times.

These three simple phrases are at the core of Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery. We are a microbrewery; committed to serving the best beer and a pub style menu of comfort food favorites! Kick back and relax with friends in our casual, fun inspired atmosphere that is destined to unleash the inner beer drinker in you!

No good story starts with a salad!

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“The World’s Best Chocolate”

Our founders’ passion for chocolate is so profound that they set out to discover chocolates from all over the world. They mastered various chocolatier techniques and explored different flavour combinations; allowing them to create a concept to share their love of chocolate. Born is Chocolato, a cross between a chocolate shop and dairy bar. Chocolato invites you to a world of chocolate, desserts, and dips, where you can experience the chocolate delight of your dreams. Chocolato takes gifting the best chocolate in the world seriously. Stop in at any boutique and pick up one of our chocolate sets. 95% of the world loves chocolate; the other 5% are lying!

Unapologetically- the best chocolate in the world!


Your Commitment as a Franchisee

As a member of the Foodtastic family, we expect our franchisees to bring their best efforts to their day to day operations; to perform with honestly, integrity, and efficiency. We expect franchisees to maintain continued open communication with us. To share all feedback, comments, concerned, and challenges.  A franchisee must love their brand, and work with us as a team to make their franchise the best it can be. We hope your success will lead to the future growth of your franchise portfolio. Most importantly, we expect you to have fun!

Foodtastic's Commitment

Foodtastic is the perfect union of passion, creativity and commitment to support. Our team is built of dynamic young professionals prepared to assist our franchisees at every step of the franchising process:

  • Our development and legal experts assist in the selection of the ideal location, and perform in-house lease negotiations.
  • Foodtastic design team is committed to create an environment that will be unique and leave a lasting impression on future customers. We are committed to working with only the best construction professionals who will work with our franchisees hand-in-hand to guarantee efficient turn-around time.
  • Our financial partners prepared to assist our franchisees in making their project come to life.
  • Foodtastic has the best training support team, committed to being hands-on and facilitating operational support on and on-going basis. Purchasing experts ensure the best possible product offering to our franchisees, and constantly work to maintain a stable cost of good strategy.
  • Our leading team of chefs and mixologists work diligently to create and evolve our product offerings, keeping us leaders in the industry of food service.
  • Foodtastic marketing experts set a benchmark, with avant-garde campaigns and initiatives which continue to attract the attention of our target audiences across Canada.


Join the Foodtastic Family!

Franchise Initial Investment

We understand the importance of making the right informed investment decision.

We treat your investment, like our own, committed to providing a detailed breakdown of how your funds are allocated throughout the project development. Your initial investment is the start of a new journey toward success!

Full Restaurant:
$400 000 – $450 000

Full Restaurant:
$300 000 – $350 000

$100 000 – $125 000

Full Restaurant:
$400 000 – $450 000

Full Restaurant:
$400 000 – $450 000

Full Restaurant:
$150 000 – $250 000